Mariann Tabi 

3-day adventure with your own car, including accommodation and ticket to the attraction 

Explore a 3-day adventure with your own car, including accommodation, mountains, chocolate, cheese, and a traditional fondue experience in the apartment. Stay in a tastefully furnished, brand-new luxury apartment accommodating up to 6 or 8 people. The diverse program is meticulously designed to showcase the best of Eastern Switzerland, using cars, cable cars, boats, trains, and even a summer rafting option. Enjoy a brief excursion to Germany in Konstanz and Liechtenstein. The tour concludes in the city of Chur, an excellent starting point for further journeys on the Bernina or Glacier Express. Experience the best of Eastern Switzerland in style!

Experience a luxurious getaway with a 2-night stay in our premium apartment, complete with included tickets to local attractions and activities, organized itinerary, and taxes. Plus, indulge in an authentic Swiss fondue dinner in the comfort of your apartment. 

Total value exceeds 700 CHF. (The value is for the entrance tickets 470 CHF )

The price per person CHF. (Price per person varies depending on the number of travelers.)

2 Person 635,-

3 Person 465,-

4 Person 380,-

5 Person 330,-

6 Person 295,-

7 Person 225,-*

8 Person 210,-*

Kids :  Age of  0-6.   free,  Age of 7-17.     75,-                                                                                                                                                                       According to availability, a maximum of 6 Person 2 baby per apartment (Loft accommodates a maximum of 9 people, including children, The loft is exclusively for children aged 6 and older.).

* Loft apartment. 2 people sleep in the gallery, must climb up with a ladder at their own risk. See pictures of 'Romantic Loft'."he loft is exclusively for children aged 6 and older.