Mariann Tabi 

3-day adventure with your own car, including accommodation and ticket to the attraction 

Explore a 3-day adventure with your own car, including accommodation, mountains, chocolate, cheese, and a traditional fondue experience in the apartment. Stay in a tastefully furnished, brand-new luxury apartment accommodating up to 6 or 8 people. The diverse program is meticulously designed to showcase the best of Eastern Switzerland, using cars, cable cars, boats, trains, and even a summer rafting option. Enjoy a brief excursion to Germany in Konstanz and Liechtenstein. The tour concludes in the city of Chur, an excellent starting point for further journeys on the Bernina or Glacier Express. Experience the best of Eastern Switzerland in style!

Experience a luxurious getaway with a 2-night stay in our premium apartment, complete with included tickets to local attractions and activities, organized itinerary, and taxes. Plus, indulge in an authentic Swiss fondue dinner in the comfort of your apartment. 

Total value exceeds 700 CHF. (The value is for the entrance tickets over 400 CHF )

The price per person CHF. (Price per person varies depending on the number of travelers.)

2 Person 635,-

3 Person 465,-

4 Person 380,-

5 Person 330,-

6 Person 295,-

7 Person 225,-*

8 Person 210,-*

Kids :  Age of  0-6.   free,  Age of 7-17.     75,-                                                                                                                                                                       According to availability, a maximum of 6 Person 2 baby per apartment (Loft accommodates a maximum of 9 people, including children, The loft is exclusively for children aged 6 and older.).

* Loft apartment. 2 people sleep in the gallery, must climb up with a ladder at their own risk. See pictures of 'Romantic Loft'."he loft is exclusively for children aged 6 and older.

DAY 1:

Säntis Mountain ( 58 CHF)
Experience the unique panoramic views over six countries from Säntis. Take the cable car and enjoy the Grand Tour of Switzerland sign, followed by lunch at your own expense in the panoramic restaurant. Entry included.

Wildhaus-Alt St. Johann ( 39 CHF )                                                                                            Grand Tour of Switzerland spot, optional cable car to the top (dispensary of time). In summer and winter alike, the traditional funicular transports guests from Unterwasser to Iltios, situated at 1350 meters above sea level. Iltios serves as a hub for various hiking trails and slopes. The mountain restaurant Iltios offers an impressive view of the Churfirsten and the Alpstein. Guests can switch to the cable car and ascend to the summit.Duration: 1 hour, entry included. .

Schloss Werdenberg ( 7 CHF)
Photo spots on the lake. The museum is closed during our visit. The castle from the late Middle Ages, founded around 1230, comprises two museums - one in the castle and one in the town - that tell the 800-year history of rulers and their subjects. The Museum Schlangenhaus shows how people in the Werdenberg region lived in the olden days. The bistro in the castle’s courtyard serves homemade cakes and regional snacks.
Duration: 20 minutes, entry included.

Alte Rheinbrücke, Liechtenstein
The "Alte Rheinbrücke" is a covered wooden bridge connecting Vaduz and Sevelen. Measuring 135 meters in length, it's the only remaining wooden bridge spanning the Rhine. Motor vehicles are not permitted, making it popular with cyclists.
Duration: 15 minutes, free entry.
Vaduz, Liechtenstein
The Principality of Liechtenstein, one of the smallest states in Europe. Explore the medieval castle upgraded in the 16th and 17th centuries.
Duration: 30 minutes, free entry.

St. Gallen 
Visit the old town of St. Gallen, marked by the Grand Tour of Switzerland sign. Visit museums and Casino St. Gallen hier bekommt man one Drink & 20 CHF play coupon 

Drive to the apartment to Schaffhausen Hemmental ( 50 Min ) 


Swiss public transportation exploration.                                                                              IWC, Munot, Rhine Falls, Rhine, Stein am Rhein, Bodebsee, Konstanz (Germany) boat or train tour.
Rhine Falls,
Visit the spectacular Rhine Falls.
Duration: 2 hours, entrance boat ride to the Hills are NOT included. ( 5 CHF entre and 20 boat trip if you want ) 
IWC Museum, ( Not included 7 CHF)
- Explore the headquarters of the renowned watchmaker IWC, located on the outskirts of the Old Town of Schaffhausen.
- Duration: 30 minutes, entrance included.
Discover Munot, proudly overseeing the town of Schaffhausen for over 400 years.
Duration: 30 minutes, free entry.
Old town of Stein am Rhein
Explore the charming town of Stein am Rhein, known for its well-preserved Old Town with painted facades and half-timbered houses. Lunch at your own expense in one of the charming Rhine-side restaurants.
Duration: 2 hours, free entry.
Bodensee, Konstanz Germany , (optional)
Boat or train tour to Konstanz, Germany. (back to accommodation, with a stop for a night picture at the Rhine Falls( BUS Train or your Car.)
Dinner in Konstanzat at your own expense , exploring the city's offerings.
Duration: 2 hours, free entry.
Note: This tour includes of Swiss public transportation. Train 25 CHF & boat ride ( Rhein ) 49 CHF boat Ride (Bodensee )54 CHF

Visit Casino Schaffhausen in the evening  entry + 1 drink fee 20 CHF play coupon 

You have the option to extend your stay in Schaffhausen, allowing you to spread out the planned activities over two days and experience more. Alternatively, you can plan an extra day to explore the sights of the Swiss Grand Tour in the Bodensee region. The cost for an extra day ranges from 340-420 CHF for groups of up to 6 people, and 520-575 CHF for groups of 7-9 people. This includes accommodation and public transportation (all attractions and boat rides can be used only once per stay). As a special experience for the extra day, I have inflatable boats available at the accommodation, allowing you to leisurely float from Stein am Rhein or Diesenfofen to Schaffhausen, following the current, for 3-5 hours. This route takes you through a nature reserve, providing unique views of the Rhine that you won't experience anywhere else. You'll witness the Rhine in such a way that you'll never forget.


Hoher Kasten Revolving Restaurant ( 40 CHF )
Enjoy an endless view and culinary delights at Hoher Kasten. The cable car takes you 794 meters in just eight minutes. At the summit, savor a limitless 360-degree panorama from the only revolving restaurant in Eastern Switzerland. Dinner at Hoher Kasten Revolving Restaurant. Please note that dinner is at your own expense.
Duration: 2 hours, entrance included.

Ebenalp ( 34 CHF ).     1,5 km hiking 1 hour to the Aescher ( optional )           Alpine Garten                                                                                                                                                                                 This is the place where it all started in Appenzellerland: Alpstein tourism’s ground zero, the rustic alpine guesthouse called Aescher. One of the oldest inns in Switzerland, its beginnings go back to 1800, when hermits and herdsmen began to cater to visitors coming up to the Aescher meadow. Today the inn is known far and wide for its unique atmosphere, hospitality and iconic charm. Nestled against the cliff face, at one with the mountain and its imposing natural surroundings, the inn is the centerpiece of an image that is sent all around the world.

Flawill Chocolarium ( 14 CHF)                                                                                                                                                                               Come along on the one-hour sweet journey, watch your favourite Munz and Minor chocolate being made, and discover the secret of how happiness gets into chocolate. You will recieve a warm welcome!

Appenzeller Schaukäserei ( 12 CHF )
Delight your taste buds with a cheese tasting at Appenzeller Schaukäserei.
Bodensee "Grand Tour of Switzerland" - 5 photo Spots, Hoher Kasten Revolving Restaurant and Cable Car, Liechtenstein, and more.

Thermalbad Appenzell ( 39 CHF ).                                                                                                                                                                         What was in days gone by a sulphurous healing spring steeped in tradition is today a modern fitness and health spa. The Appenzeller Heilbad features a spacious pool landscape with indoor and outdoor pool, bubbling loungers and massage jets, romantic grottos as well as a sauna area with an outdoor sauna and a sauna garden. Duration 3 hour, Day ticket including 

Bergbahn Stauben ( 40 CHF ) 

The tour finishes in Kanton St. Gallen 
I personally recommend extending your journey from Chur with the Bernina Express ( to Tirano, Italy ) or the Glacier Express( to Zermatt, Switzerland ). Of course, additional tour arrangements are possible. Feel free to inquire at info@marys-immobilien."